Honest Online Business – Fact Or Fiction?

Is an Honest Online Business a possibility? Are there actually online business opportunities out there that are not simply a scam? How can you figure out who to trust and are they really an honest online business?I think we all ask ourselves questions like this when we start trying to do almost anything online. Be it starting your own business online to making a simple low cost purchase. Who can I trust? I know in my numerous years doing online fraud detection, I’ve seen many good frauds, so how do you tell the difference?Common sense seems to be one of the key elements to cracking the mystery of a “Honest Online Business”. With all our technology today there is still no replacement for the human brain. When looking at any online business, consider these three things:1. Does the site offer lots of contact information? This is usually one thing to look at. If it is a big ticket item, test out the contact information. If they don’t offer a phone number for support, use caution. If you call that number and get no answer, or no call back in a reasonable time, it is my opinion, you should stay away.2. Does the site owner/owners stand in front of their product?. In other words, are they hidden behind the website or do they present themselves clearly, showing that they stand in front of their products and services. This is yet another tip to what may be real as most people are not going to attach their name to a fraudulent product or service.3. Is the site and services set up in a professional manner? This doesn’t always prove much, but a cheap poorly designed site can indicate a temporary site just aimed at nailing the uninformed and taking their money.There are a number of different things that you can look at when trying to determine how honest an online business is. One thing I would like to thwart is the feeling that many have that all businesses online are frauds. That is certainly not the case.Most people never have a problem online with any business. This shows us that a little common sense, and a few minutes to check the site and contact out does often work. Again, in the past 10 years of fraud detection online, I’ve found that most people never have a problem finding an honest online business as they are out there, in mass.Just remember the points above and follow some of the tips and strategies that I offer to help you to find that honest business for whatever your online need is.